We are so looking forward to playing for you again at Malone House. However this will not be possible in the spring of 2021, so in the meantime please enjoy looking at some of our videos on the home page.


We are planning this now, and putting it together. Tickets can be bought on the tickets page, and in return you will receive a link (by email) to view the concert on YouTube.  We will be giving the proceeds to the Cancer Fund for Children, a charity based in Northern Ireland that supports children with cancer and their families.

The tickets cost £10, if you would like to contribute more than this, please feel free to buy more than one ticket!

The significance of the lovely Vermeer painting above will become clear when you discover the programme for our online concert!


violin and piano/harpsichord

BACH – sonatas
BARTOK – Hungarian Folk tunes
BERNSTEIN – West Side Story selection
BEETHOVEN – 10 violin sonatas
BRAHMS – 3 sonatas – FAE sonata movement
CORELLI – sonatas
Aaron COPLAND – Sonata – short pieces
DEBUSSY – sonata
DVORAK – sonatina – 4 Romantic pieces – 2 Waltzes
ELGAR – sonata
César FRANCK – sonata
FAURE – Sonatas and short pieces
GERSHWIN – Preludes
HEIFITZ – arrangement of Porgy and Bess (Gershwin)
JANACEK – short pieces
MOZART – sonatas
RAVEL – sonata
SCHUBERT – sonatas
SCHUMANN – short pieces
RICHARD STRAUSS – violin sonata
TARTINI – sonata “Didone Abbandonata
TELEMANN – sonatas
VIVALDI – sonatas

viola and piano/harpsichord

BACH – viola da gamba sonatas
BAX – Legend – Sonata – Concert piece
Lennox BERKELEY – sonata
BEETHOVEN – variations on a theme by Mozart
BRUCH – Romance – Kol Nedrei
BLOCH – suite
BRAHMS – 3 sonatas
BRITTEN – Lachrymae
Frank BRIDGE – 4 pieces – 2 pieces
Rebecca CLARKE – sonata – Morpheus – shorter pieces
CUI – Apassionata
HINDEMITH – sonata – shorter pieces
JOACHIM – Variations – Hebrew Melodies
Anton RUBINSTEIN – sonata – Andante
SCHUMANN – Märchenbilder – shorter pieces
SCHUBERT – Arpeggione sonata
VIVALDI – sonatas